life is deadly

{December 28, 2005}   About you

Love is something that is worshipped by some
While cursed by others.
Hatred is something that will destroy the world
To make place for a new one.
To be caring is an emotion valued by many
While it can be destructive as well
To need something is not nessecaryly bad
It is what defines us.
But to love you is something i curse
And will never get returned
Hatred is not something that will destroy it
Cause i know it’s all you feel
To be caring about you is not valued
And will destroy me
To need you like oxygen is very bad
Because i’ll suffocate.

writers note: ow feel the sadness.


{December 28, 2005}   yeehj I made it

After long hours of searching I finally found it my own blog thingie. I haven’t figured out how it works yet (i have a general idea), but i’ll get there. So some of you ( read nobody) are probally wondering what the purpose is of this blog type thingie and the answer is quite simple. I am going to dump all off my beautifully written poems here and there is nothing you can say about that (and for your information i’m not a eight year old child i’m actually 14). Oh and perhaps a personal diary or complaint service, whatever suits me. Oh i must warn you though because my poetry tends to be a bit depressing (happiness just doesn’t suit me) and some of them are in Dutch. So unless you’re in fact Dutch I suggest not reading them because it would seem like it gibberish. Well enough babbeling, on to work. with annoyance and general depression -Gabrielle-


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