life is deadly

{December 28, 2005}   love is evil

Ripped off the internet 

Did you ever love someone, 

But they did not love you
Did you ever feel like crying, 

But what good would that do
Did you ever look into his eyes
And say a little prayer
Did you ever look into his heart
And wish you were there
Did you ever see him dancing
When the lights were low
Did you ever whisper
(God I love you but I’ll never let you know)
Did you ever fall in Love my friend
You’ll find it does not pay
Although it causes broken hearts
It happens every day
So listen when I say don’t fall in love
Listen because it’s true
I should know my friend because
I fell in love with you. 

writers note: this one really had me in tears which is an acomplishment by itself seeing as i don’t cry often ( except with animated movies. They’re just so sad).


{December 28, 2005}   Right or wrong.

Why do I believe there is no “right”? Because each “side” will be digging graves. Each “side” will be burying their children, their husbands, their wives, their friends. I hope to christ your notion that it was *right* comforts you when you smell freshly turned earth from newly dug graves

writers note: can’t deny that type of logic.

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