life is deadly

hya everybody.

happy newyears i guess. About 45 minutes ago the bell rang and I opened it. At first I saw nobody but then i recognised the black person standing on the street (I’m a bit blind) and at his feet laid a kitten, the kitten from next door and he/she was bleeding. I flipped and screamed for my brother to call the animal ambulance (dutch site) which in the end didn’t work. So i started calling all animal doctors and they were all closed. Eventually the neighbours from the other side called the ambulance and then the waiting began. I’ve never felt that 15-20 minuted could last a day. And I remember thinking: “Is this going to be the first time i’m seeing somebody die?”. The ambulance came and picked the kitten up and had to wait for the central point to give them a nearby animal doctor to go to ( apparently they’re all closed on friday evenings). They told us that they were having a newyears reception with their other colleages and were actually having coffee when they were beeped. Eventually they left and now I have the lovely job of telling the neighbours. Now on to another point wich really frustrates me.

Said kitten was hit by a car and the car driver kept on driving and didn’t stop. He left the little red kitten to his fate. Luckly somebody had enough human in him to actually try to get somebody to help the kitten. Is it so hard to stop when you see somebody bleeding on the street? Or are we all so occupied with ourselves that we don’t even notice it. I hope to god that when ever you see this happening, or if you’re the cause of it, that you at least have the common sense to get help. If not then you have no human bone left in your body.

singing off – Gabriel-



Hello civilised (I hope) beings,  

It seems to me that with all the wars that are going on, there is no third option left. No more neutral options.  you’re either pro-Bush or you are against Bush, which means that you’re a terrorist yourself. Or in other words you’re either right or wrong. But what, or better said whom, defines right or wrong. If you believe your teacher is a bad man (and not because of the amount of homework he assigned last monday) and you shoot him does that make you wrong? In a sense yes because murder is never right, but doesn’t that make everybody who murders somebody for the right side wrong as well?

Take for example a war between country A and country B. Country A is the so called good side and country B is the bad side. Country A and B have all killed a lot of people in this war and when the leader of country A is assinated by a assasin from country B ( the leader from country A being prepared as he was did have a second in command who could take over when he died). Said assasin is arrested and sentenced to death penalty on the gallows (Imagine the grave stone saying: “here lies John long, his neck got strechted for doing wrong. LOL). Now with that business taken care of the war goes on till finally the day comes that the new leader of country A shoots the leader of country B and the war is over, country B lost.

If we followed the classical right and wrong rule the Leader of country A should be given a death penalty as well for he commited murder. While in fact the opposit will happen. The leader of country A will be glorified and probally given his own statue as well. While the assasin who murderd the first leader of country  A was givin a death penalty for killing a man whom he believed to be evil, bad and wrong. The new leader of country A also killed a man whom he believed to be evil, bad and wrong. So when do you know when something is right or wrong in this case?

The people from the “wrong” side whom have commited murder will be given a trial and probally will be sentenced to death or at least imprisonment for a few years while the people from the “right” side whom have also commited murder get to walk away free of charge.

Apparently in this situation (as in many more) the old saying:”the end glorifies the means”, is true.

writers note: to some off my classmates this might seem a bit familiar because we talked about it in history class. Oh and by the way any constructive criticism is helpfull (pleading on 1 knee) 


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