life is deadly

{June 17, 2006}  


Ice is like water

Adaptable yet stubborn

Floating on the currents

Or choosing for one position 

Strong, cold and powerfull

Yet not unable to break

not unable to feel heat

and never unable to melt 

perhaps you are afraid

afraid to break apart your shields

afraid to feel heat covering your heart

afraid that one day it might melt 

don’t be, my icy prince without a crown

there’s nothing wrong with water

and traveling with it’s flow

untill you get lost in it’s icy depths once more

-Gabrielle Nuit, Eruwen Fuin


{June 17, 2006}   the painting

the painting

I see a beginning life as a blanc canvasUnblemished by the course it will takeNot yet in the hands of various paintersWhom will change it’s theme everyday I see the changes in the atmoshperePainted on by hands holding brushesDipping them into various coloursLying on a palette full of vibrant change I see a blend of hastily painted streaksNo longer making any sense whatsoever

They have formed one great masterpiece

Hanged in every soul that has passed.

-Gabrielle Nuit, Eruwen Fuin

{June 17, 2006}   drowned


I’m drowning in fanthomlessy deep poolsOh so blue, with sea green vegitationNormally i’d avoid that combinationBut now i can’t stop seeing it now I thought i’d hit the oceans floor alreadyBut it seems I only got stuck in the weedsThose greens enclosed me with somethingI was not completly familiar with I keep on falling, traveling further downAll of the icy depths I enqounterIt’s almost to cold to bear, so coldMade me wish I could heat it up But alas I am doomed to stayStuck in here untill enternityHas been long gone and deadForever alone, without heat

-Gabrielle Nuit, Eruwen Fuin

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