life is deadly

{February 12, 2006}   site mania

hy people,

have you ever had one of those days that it didn’t matter what you did it was all awfully boring? I do frequently, but i’ve found the cure for that. It’s simple really. You go to google and type in a sentence form a song or whatever’s in your mind and voila you have hours and hours of fun. Problems you however might encounter are that your parents will say you spend too much time behind the computer, but most of you probally already do. This is how I spend my weekends, if my games/forums don’t appeal to me.

A few days ago i found a wonderfull site about how to destroy the world ( not humanity) the theories were all possible save for a few “minor” glitches. Well “minor” glitches, the glitches are actually why the theories can’t happen. Most of them require materials which cannot be made or purchased right now, so that’s a huge problem.But it’s still funny to read.

well i’m signing off because i’ve got a huge load of homework and really need to finish it.





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