life is deadly

Hello civilised (I hope) beings,  

It seems to me that with all the wars that are going on, there is no third option left. No more neutral options.  you’re either pro-Bush or you are against Bush, which means that you’re a terrorist yourself. Or in other words you’re either right or wrong. But what, or better said whom, defines right or wrong. If you believe your teacher is a bad man (and not because of the amount of homework he assigned last monday) and you shoot him does that make you wrong? In a sense yes because murder is never right, but doesn’t that make everybody who murders somebody for the right side wrong as well?

Take for example a war between country A and country B. Country A is the so called good side and country B is the bad side. Country A and B have all killed a lot of people in this war and when the leader of country A is assinated by a assasin from country B ( the leader from country A being prepared as he was did have a second in command who could take over when he died). Said assasin is arrested and sentenced to death penalty on the gallows (Imagine the grave stone saying: “here lies John long, his neck got strechted for doing wrong. LOL). Now with that business taken care of the war goes on till finally the day comes that the new leader of country A shoots the leader of country B and the war is over, country B lost.

If we followed the classical right and wrong rule the Leader of country A should be given a death penalty as well for he commited murder. While in fact the opposit will happen. The leader of country A will be glorified and probally given his own statue as well. While the assasin who murderd the first leader of country  A was givin a death penalty for killing a man whom he believed to be evil, bad and wrong. The new leader of country A also killed a man whom he believed to be evil, bad and wrong. So when do you know when something is right or wrong in this case?

The people from the “wrong” side whom have commited murder will be given a trial and probally will be sentenced to death or at least imprisonment for a few years while the people from the “right” side whom have also commited murder get to walk away free of charge.

Apparently in this situation (as in many more) the old saying:”the end glorifies the means”, is true.

writers note: to some off my classmates this might seem a bit familiar because we talked about it in history class. Oh and by the way any constructive criticism is helpfull (pleading on 1 knee) 



{December 28, 2005}   love is evil

Ripped off the internet 

Did you ever love someone, 

But they did not love you
Did you ever feel like crying, 

But what good would that do
Did you ever look into his eyes
And say a little prayer
Did you ever look into his heart
And wish you were there
Did you ever see him dancing
When the lights were low
Did you ever whisper
(God I love you but I’ll never let you know)
Did you ever fall in Love my friend
You’ll find it does not pay
Although it causes broken hearts
It happens every day
So listen when I say don’t fall in love
Listen because it’s true
I should know my friend because
I fell in love with you. 

writers note: this one really had me in tears which is an acomplishment by itself seeing as i don’t cry often ( except with animated movies. They’re just so sad).

{December 28, 2005}   Right or wrong.

Why do I believe there is no “right”? Because each “side” will be digging graves. Each “side” will be burying their children, their husbands, their wives, their friends. I hope to christ your notion that it was *right* comforts you when you smell freshly turned earth from newly dug graves

writers note: can’t deny that type of logic.

{December 28, 2005}   About you

Love is something that is worshipped by some
While cursed by others.
Hatred is something that will destroy the world
To make place for a new one.
To be caring is an emotion valued by many
While it can be destructive as well
To need something is not nessecaryly bad
It is what defines us.
But to love you is something i curse
And will never get returned
Hatred is not something that will destroy it
Cause i know it’s all you feel
To be caring about you is not valued
And will destroy me
To need you like oxygen is very bad
Because i’ll suffocate.

writers note: ow feel the sadness.

{December 28, 2005}   yeehj I made it

After long hours of searching I finally found it my own blog thingie. I haven’t figured out how it works yet (i have a general idea), but i’ll get there. So some of you ( read nobody) are probally wondering what the purpose is of this blog type thingie and the answer is quite simple. I am going to dump all off my beautifully written poems here and there is nothing you can say about that (and for your information i’m not a eight year old child i’m actually 14). Oh and perhaps a personal diary or complaint service, whatever suits me. Oh i must warn you though because my poetry tends to be a bit depressing (happiness just doesn’t suit me) and some of them are in Dutch. So unless you’re in fact Dutch I suggest not reading them because it would seem like it gibberish. Well enough babbeling, on to work. with annoyance and general depression -Gabrielle-


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