life is deadly

{June 17, 2006}  


Ice is like water

Adaptable yet stubborn

Floating on the currents

Or choosing for one position 

Strong, cold and powerfull

Yet not unable to break

not unable to feel heat

and never unable to melt 

perhaps you are afraid

afraid to break apart your shields

afraid to feel heat covering your heart

afraid that one day it might melt 

don’t be, my icy prince without a crown

there’s nothing wrong with water

and traveling with it’s flow

untill you get lost in it’s icy depths once more

-Gabrielle Nuit, Eruwen Fuin

{June 17, 2006}   the painting

the painting

I see a beginning life as a blanc canvasUnblemished by the course it will takeNot yet in the hands of various paintersWhom will change it’s theme everyday I see the changes in the atmoshperePainted on by hands holding brushesDipping them into various coloursLying on a palette full of vibrant change I see a blend of hastily painted streaksNo longer making any sense whatsoever

They have formed one great masterpiece

Hanged in every soul that has passed.

-Gabrielle Nuit, Eruwen Fuin

{June 17, 2006}   drowned


I’m drowning in fanthomlessy deep poolsOh so blue, with sea green vegitationNormally i’d avoid that combinationBut now i can’t stop seeing it now I thought i’d hit the oceans floor alreadyBut it seems I only got stuck in the weedsThose greens enclosed me with somethingI was not completly familiar with I keep on falling, traveling further downAll of the icy depths I enqounterIt’s almost to cold to bear, so coldMade me wish I could heat it up But alas I am doomed to stayStuck in here untill enternityHas been long gone and deadForever alone, without heat

-Gabrielle Nuit, Eruwen Fuin

{February 16, 2006}   A Poisonous Obsession called Love

I often wondered how love should feel. Being a teenager will do that to you, no matter how immume you are. You see i’ve always felt as if I’d be immume to love. Quite the opposite is true, I seem to be affected greatly by love. This is itself is a terrible conclusion. I never detested love but i never liked it either. To quote a song from the movie called Moulin Rouge: “love makes us act like we are fools”, which to true to ignore. Love especially in the early stages, which is often referred to as crush or youngh love, will do that to you (the acting like a fool part). Now this leads me to my main point, how does love feel?.

To understand how love feels you must understand how it works. I shall simply describe the stages one will go through if he/she finds himsilf/herself in love. It all starts out with finding some someone you fancy and then chaos ensues. You’re swept up into a whirlwind of emotions and as whirlwinds are quite powerfull, you can’t really get out. The normal steps to take after that is to fall into love with him/her and tell him/her that and when said love is returned, start dating or going steady with him/her. And then providing you don’t get dumped or something of the like you’ll proceed to live happily ever after, probally married as well. Things get more complicated when other things happen.You can be rejected when you confess your love, which is why many people wait before they do so, or why people never do it at all. Rejection is after all an unpleasant emotion feared by us all. Thing get even more complicated when you fall in love with somebody else. Which is ofcourse a very nasty situation if you are in a relationship. Now that we have put the way love works on paper along with some “minor”complications we come back to our question. In the earlier stages you fancy someone or have a crush on that person, but how do you know that it’s not an obsession? I certainly feel that love in it’s earlier stages can be similiar to the way a serial killer obsesses about it’s victims only then with more positives feelings. You all, or at least i hope all of you do, recognise what i mean.  In the earlier stages all you can think about is him/her, you can’t eat, can’t sleep and simply can’t function normally because he/she is always on your mind. I do not know if the same goes for the later stages of love, but i’m guessing you can control it better ( the acting like a lost puppy thing) although it never stops. Now ofcourse I don’t know for sure because I never experienced the later stages, mainly because i’m to young for that. Now back to the subject, Obsession. Now all that i have described about how i’ve interpretered love can be defined as some sort of obsession ofcourse the serial killer comment was a bit ot of place, but hopefully it got the message across.
Now I’ve always interpreterred  me being in love as an obsession with somebody I like. I cannot give reasons as to why I do, all I know is that I do. I shall not bother you with my problems because i know you’re not interested. ( if you are…you’re outnumbered). I’m just wondering however, if all teenagers feel that way. If you do please comment or if you don’t also comment:).
Now before i sign off there’s something you must understand and to once again quote Moulin Rouge “love is a many splendid thing”. Never forget that love is what drives us, what makes us and somethimes breaks us.Signing off,Gabrielle                        

{February 12, 2006}   site mania

hy people,

have you ever had one of those days that it didn’t matter what you did it was all awfully boring? I do frequently, but i’ve found the cure for that. It’s simple really. You go to google and type in a sentence form a song or whatever’s in your mind and voila you have hours and hours of fun. Problems you however might encounter are that your parents will say you spend too much time behind the computer, but most of you probally already do. This is how I spend my weekends, if my games/forums don’t appeal to me.

A few days ago i found a wonderfull site about how to destroy the world ( not humanity) the theories were all possible save for a few “minor” glitches. Well “minor” glitches, the glitches are actually why the theories can’t happen. Most of them require materials which cannot be made or purchased right now, so that’s a huge problem.But it’s still funny to read.

well i’m signing off because i’ve got a huge load of homework and really need to finish it.





hya everybody.

happy newyears i guess. About 45 minutes ago the bell rang and I opened it. At first I saw nobody but then i recognised the black person standing on the street (I’m a bit blind) and at his feet laid a kitten, the kitten from next door and he/she was bleeding. I flipped and screamed for my brother to call the animal ambulance (dutch site) which in the end didn’t work. So i started calling all animal doctors and they were all closed. Eventually the neighbours from the other side called the ambulance and then the waiting began. I’ve never felt that 15-20 minuted could last a day. And I remember thinking: “Is this going to be the first time i’m seeing somebody die?”. The ambulance came and picked the kitten up and had to wait for the central point to give them a nearby animal doctor to go to ( apparently they’re all closed on friday evenings). They told us that they were having a newyears reception with their other colleages and were actually having coffee when they were beeped. Eventually they left and now I have the lovely job of telling the neighbours. Now on to another point wich really frustrates me.

Said kitten was hit by a car and the car driver kept on driving and didn’t stop. He left the little red kitten to his fate. Luckly somebody had enough human in him to actually try to get somebody to help the kitten. Is it so hard to stop when you see somebody bleeding on the street? Or are we all so occupied with ourselves that we don’t even notice it. I hope to god that when ever you see this happening, or if you’re the cause of it, that you at least have the common sense to get help. If not then you have no human bone left in your body.

singing off – Gabriel-


{January 6, 2006}  

Hello civilised (I hope) beings,  

It seems to me that with all the wars that are going on, there is no third option left. No more neutral options.  you’re either pro-Bush or you are against Bush, which means that you’re a terrorist yourself. Or in other words you’re either right or wrong. But what, or better said whom, defines right or wrong. If you believe your teacher is a bad man (and not because of the amount of homework he assigned last monday) and you shoot him does that make you wrong? In a sense yes because murder is never right, but doesn’t that make everybody who murders somebody for the right side wrong as well?

Take for example a war between country A and country B. Country A is the so called good side and country B is the bad side. Country A and B have all killed a lot of people in this war and when the leader of country A is assinated by a assasin from country B ( the leader from country A being prepared as he was did have a second in command who could take over when he died). Said assasin is arrested and sentenced to death penalty on the gallows (Imagine the grave stone saying: “here lies John long, his neck got strechted for doing wrong. LOL). Now with that business taken care of the war goes on till finally the day comes that the new leader of country A shoots the leader of country B and the war is over, country B lost.

If we followed the classical right and wrong rule the Leader of country A should be given a death penalty as well for he commited murder. While in fact the opposit will happen. The leader of country A will be glorified and probally given his own statue as well. While the assasin who murderd the first leader of country  A was givin a death penalty for killing a man whom he believed to be evil, bad and wrong. The new leader of country A also killed a man whom he believed to be evil, bad and wrong. So when do you know when something is right or wrong in this case?

The people from the “wrong” side whom have commited murder will be given a trial and probally will be sentenced to death or at least imprisonment for a few years while the people from the “right” side whom have also commited murder get to walk away free of charge.

Apparently in this situation (as in many more) the old saying:”the end glorifies the means”, is true.

writers note: to some off my classmates this might seem a bit familiar because we talked about it in history class. Oh and by the way any constructive criticism is helpfull (pleading on 1 knee) 


{December 28, 2005}   love is evil

Ripped off the internet 

Did you ever love someone, 

But they did not love you
Did you ever feel like crying, 

But what good would that do
Did you ever look into his eyes
And say a little prayer
Did you ever look into his heart
And wish you were there
Did you ever see him dancing
When the lights were low
Did you ever whisper
(God I love you but I’ll never let you know)
Did you ever fall in Love my friend
You’ll find it does not pay
Although it causes broken hearts
It happens every day
So listen when I say don’t fall in love
Listen because it’s true
I should know my friend because
I fell in love with you. 

writers note: this one really had me in tears which is an acomplishment by itself seeing as i don’t cry often ( except with animated movies. They’re just so sad).

{December 28, 2005}   Right or wrong.

Why do I believe there is no “right”? Because each “side” will be digging graves. Each “side” will be burying their children, their husbands, their wives, their friends. I hope to christ your notion that it was *right* comforts you when you smell freshly turned earth from newly dug graves

writers note: can’t deny that type of logic.

et cetera